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Paul Sutton is a qualified British Triathlon Level 3 High Performing Coach, and a level 2 Strength and Conditioning Coach, specialising in bespoke individual training plans. He's a former Tri Club Head Coach and has sports experience spanning several decades and across a multitude of sports.

Paul Sutton


Paul first started racing in Triathlon in 2008, taking part in a sprint distance race. Since then he's raced regularly and has completed triathlons across much of the UK and covering all distances from sprint up to and including Ironman. Up until April 2020 he was the Head Coach at Invictus Triathlon Club in Wigan, a position he'd held for a number of years, working with a hugely diverse group of athletes with vastly different goals and ambitions. He is now focused on working on a 1-2-1 level with private clients, producing bespoke training plans that are tailored to each athletes particular needs. 


Paul pays particular attention to the soft skills required in developing a strong athlete - coach relationship and he draws on experience from many different areas in order to help with this. It's this attention to detail and listening to each individual client that enables Paul to produce training plans for his athletes, that have yielded some great successes over the years. 

Prior to getting involved in triathlon, Paul has always been active and he's competed in a plethora of sports. Some of which include golf, white water kayaking, rock climbing, rugby league and rugby union, competition hiking, swimming, martial arts etc. It's this diversity across so many sports that he feels gives him many different perspectives and experiences to draw from and apply to coaching his clients.



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